Guess I should post my latest conspiracy theory…

It occured to me this morning that three interesting financial news reports have converged this summer:

  1. Someone…but obviously someone VERY wealthy…left their ATM receipt behind, revealing their almost 100-million-dollar cash reserve
  2. For the first time in history, Standard and Poor’s downgraded the USA…which most likely contributed to two-year lowball on Fed rates
  3. Following this latest shock to the financial system, the stock market faced the most volatile one-week period in its history

The author of the ATM receipt story made the (historically ironic) comment of “Anyone with that amount of cash would know that keeping $100 million in a savings account isn’t the wisest investment move.”


Well, seems that the Hamptons Moneybags might have guessed the right course for this historic summer….


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3 Responses to “Guess I should post my latest conspiracy theory…”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Actually, I would say that keeping the money in savings is the best of the bad options. Stocks are a bigger gambel, and for the guy to loose his savings where they are, it would take a complete loss and shut down of the entire banking system. He may not be making money, but baring disaster, he wont loose it as well.

    Personally I would invest in firearms. Have practical uses, and make great currency if the world goes to manure.

    • thehigg Says:

      He won’t lose SOME of it…as the first article points out, savings are only insured to $250,000…I’m just surprised s/he doesn’t have it in more than one account!

      And yes, firearms seem to be a good investment…but their aren’t any commercials for them like for gold!

      • Stephen Says:

        If the banks were to crash to where he lost the millions, I doubt there would be anything/anyone to pay the 250k…nor at that point would 250k be worth anything either at that point.

        And there are not commercials for guns because “some” in this country have a problem with that…lol…Shoot, they have a problem with the gold commercials because they think they are “brainwashing” people to take money out of the economy and horde it all into selfish gold. lol…Plus it is a lot harder to redistribute someone’s wealth if they have it in hard gold bullion rather than electronic money. But I degress as now I am getting into a conspiratorial rant. 😀

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