SBC-Phoenix 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Part Deux

For those who like to see the sunny side, please check out the first post: Part Uno – The Good

Part Deux: The Bad

1. The decline of Wiley Drake: Anyone who was at the business sessions (or watched them over the internet) realizes that Rev. Drake has finally jumped the shark. I overheard many who found his comment, that the recent death of his wife has reduced his number of motions for this year, crass and shameful. I also experienced personally the awkwardness of his rebuke of a unheard messenger trying to silence him during one of his (many) speechs.

Advice: exit stage right!

2. The food service in the area: Now let me start with that the food itself was excellent, BUT…I and two friends actually waited several minutes at a restaurant across from the Convention center before the server crossed the nearly-empty room to attend to us. This happened not once, but at least THREE times, resulting in us seriously contemplating walking out on the check…which was also slow in coming!

Advice: bring a box lunch or order online ahead of time!

3. The heat: Phoenix hit a record high (At least I hope 110 is a record!) while we were there. Luckily, I planned ahead and regularly drank a whole bottle of water during each session (that’s a half-gallon a day, not including any beverages at meals!) I suspect that this may be a factor for this year’s low attendance….

Upside: no nose bleeds (I was warned about them before going)

Downside: have you ever been to public bathrooms at a convention…exactly!

Advice: Could we have a sprinkler set-up near the children’s area…for the adults?

(Dis)Honorable Mention: The anti-GCR “cranky old men” meeting: The whole notion of the motion was out of place to begin with. Then having Tweedle-Loudmouth and Tweedle-Crazy headlining it didn’t help their credibility. The low attendance (22) with no real support from the elites (saw only two and they stayed conspicuously off to the side) means that it is more of a whine-fest. Now that I have stated my allegiance thereof, let me comment briefly on the desire expressed in said meeting of “taking back the Convention”: admirable given their straw-man opponent, but never going to happen with their vanguard as such. Guess I’ll go back to Plan O…for Outlive the Gray-heads!


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