SBC-Phoenix 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Part Uno

I’ll try to post my thoughts over the next week about the recent Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention which I attended.

HT: M.Burgett for asking for such posts on my Facebook!

Part Uno: The Good

1. The location: The Convention Center was right off the light rail system of Phoenix, making it very convenient (and green!) to get to from far-flung hotels.

2. Frank Page and the ExCom report: Dr. Page’s speech was thrilling and encouraging. Several were wondering what side he would take amid the denominational tensions (more on that later). I was glad that he took neither…or at least the side of unity/cooperation/non-fighting. I was also very encouraged by the adoption of the Affirmation of Unity and Cooperation.  

View here: Video archive, look for “Executive Committee report, part 1” especially.

3. The chance to make new friends: I was at a meeting Monday evening and met a couple from South Carolina…we talked for a few minutes afterward, then went to dinner together and talk for a few more hours! This is the kind of instant kinship we need more of in the SBC!

Having hit (some) of the high points, we’ll descend to the level of disappointment with our next installment…Feel free to add other good points or comment!


3 Responses to “SBC-Phoenix 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Part Uno”

  1. thehigg Says:

    Remembered a few more during the night!

    4. The IMB emphasis on the last 3800 UUPG’s

    Back-of-the-envelope calculations say that their goal is acheivable in the next decade…if we all pitch in and help!

    45,010 SBC churches / 12 months (i.e. each church pick a month and send a team once a year to their people groups)…equals about 3750 UUPG’s impacted every year!

    If you would like to see the list, download the Excel file at:

    I’m going to try to highlight one people group with each post after this week’s series

    Honorable mention: The MBTS booth take-down team

    That’s right ladies and gents, we not only beat the union workers, but also every other seminary…who had more people and equipment. WE ROCK!!!

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