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I would like to announce my candidacy for SBC office…

July 31, 2009

We have officially kicked off the 2010 SBC presidential campaign, but wait, there’s a twist…it appears that now you can vie for entity leadership as well.

Arena 1: The Executive Committee:

Morris Chapman, president of the Executive Committee, is embroiled in a controversy that may cost him his job . Starting the inferno were his “outrageous and shameful remarks” concerning Calvinism and the Convention. Feeding the flames was the hush-hush dismissal/resignation of vice president Clark Logan, which has drawn many questions and not a little ire. Anybody want to run the largest Protestant denomination from July until May?

Arena 2: The Mission Boards

This just in…it seems that attempts to dismiss the leader of one of the largest mission-sending organization (see also here) are now being attempted at her sister agency. Now, admittedly, there may be some historical overtones to this, but it does seem a little odd that Poe’s pendulum seems to try to cut the mission leadership away at regular intervals?

Arena 3: Will the Page-Hunt Revolution continue? More on this later…


After a gentle rebuke…

July 14, 2009

I have decided to divide my blog thoughts into two separate entries:

here (adubhigg) will be devoted to SBc life matter

there (2Tim22) will be focusing on developing an online discipleship community…we’re using some code words over there to get us past any censors in the hopes of letting the community go transoceanic

So, Blake and any others that want to read that one and not this one (because you’re not SBC and don’t care!), reset your blog reader to and follow the other, less strident conversation!

FYI: Theology Musings (starting in the fall again) will still be posted here as they don’t really fit the foundational level I’m at over at the other site.

Hope to blog at length soon…

July 9, 2009

Between Convention, seeing out-of-town friends (going to them!), and summer classes (teaching AND taking!), I’ve been lax in posting. Also, I am purposely avoiding talking about some of the denominational hoopla (at least, only in short and hopefully civil comments on other blogs).

As soon as I find time…and something else to talk about, I will post, my devoted reader(s)!