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Theology Ditty 3: “How Does Theology Impact the Local Church?”

October 25, 2008

After a long hiatus (hey, I have mid-terms to study for!), I have returned…hopefully to be much more frequent in my posting! Prayer request: I am in the process of writing my theology term paper and need the energy and time to get it done…and to not get distracted by shiny things!


Theology impacts the local church by challenging it to reach a better understanding of God and of their relationships. It confronts false beliefs and wrong assumptions by bringing to light the truth of Scripture and the inconsistency of the prevailing logic. It corrects wrong attitudes and behaviors and shows a better way to live as Christ.

Past are the days in the church were the major heresies and misunderstandings about Christ, the Trinity or any other central doctrine of the faith. So today theology confronts the more personal and idiosyncratic beliefs and propositions. For example, most church goers popularly believe a view of heaven similar to that portrayed in the movies or on television: white, puffy clouds with child-like angels with white, fluffy wings, playing golden harps and floating blissfully above our heads. In this, we miss the majesty of the throne room of God, the powerful testimony of the countless multitudes before Him, and the ethereal symphony of their praise and songs to Him in worship. Theology restores that by bringing truth, as revealed in Scripture, to the forefront and demanding a reckoning of the popular with the praiseworthy.

In the present age, as with all generations of the church visible, we struggle with how to live like One without sin while still in bodies plagued by the aftermath of corruption. Theology rails against this barrier to the Kingdom as well. It forces us to see ourselves in the mirror of the Holy Spirit’s conviction, to be painfully faced with how far we still have to go to portray Him fully. And so it will continue to do, by means of the Spirit and the Word, until we are made whole and holy in the age to come.