Another totally random idea requiring your input…

Several indicators are leading me to believe that there is a need for Nooma-style videos with solid, conservative theology…thoughts on this?

If I do them, they’ll debut this fall in KCMO where I live…but I would be willing to export if interest is there…details to come!


One Response to “Another totally random idea requiring your input…”

  1. Romans 11:33-36 Says:

    That sound great Andrew. I’ve always felt that most of the cool and inovative things that most evangelicals do are usually done by librels at best and outright heretics at worst. But I think that idea is a great one and if you can feel God calling you to do it then go for it.

    P.S. You should post excerpts of these videos on your blog or youtube to try and get some interest stirred up.

    God Bless and Soli Deo Gloria

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