Thanksgiving in Vinita, OK…

Because SC is 16 hours away by car and more money than I have by plane, I spent my first Thanksgiving with my friend Brent (AKA Michael Ed…see 9/17 entry) and his family. I survived the two dogs (George, the ever-ready, but often-mistaken guard-dog and Molly, who never learned I am a turkey whore who does not share his food) and the two cats (Samoa and Simba, which I could not tell apart and who liked to jump on me while I slept).

I also found my new pastime: TCM…especially Mexican Spitfire (Lupe Velez) and Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) movies! I also fell in love (again) with BBC America, especially Bargain Hunt, How Clean is your House? and You Are What You Eat…so I fear I will do nothing from 1-4 PM every day but be glued to “Something a Little Brit Different”!

The countdown (9 class days left) to the end of my first semester in seminary has begun…as has mounting assignments to be completed in that time! In other words, gotta go!


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