For all ya’ll waiting with fervent anticipation…

…I got the job! I will now be an employee of Metropolitan Community College-Longview, starting in January, provided that I turn my paperwork in! I will be teaching general biology to non-science majors…I’m excited and so should you!

I have finished reading four of my 8 books…and I hate biblical history writers! Good thing, it turns out (or at least it seems) that you don’t ACTUALLY have to use sources and references to support your case…you basically can say whatever you want (even if it doesn’t make any sense!) and then use other people’s words to support your flimsy position! I’m not (very) mad because now I can also make somewhat outlandish claims and be perfectly justified by my peers! My opus will be in three parts: Esther as Reform Jew (this semester), Daniel as Conservative Jew (next semester), and Ezra/Nehemiah as Orthodox Jew (on my own time, when I decide to publish it)…those curious about these working titles will have to wait for my book!

This will be the first year I do not spend Thanksgiving with my family (my mother is already having difficulty with this):

Pros: no intergenerational drama (my family is notorious and this year, with my cousin & her boyfriend and my brother & his fiancee, is no different)

Cons: I love my family and miss my immediate relatives (mom and bro)

I am assuaging my need for turkey and pumpkin pie by accompanying a friend to his home in Oklahoma…

Well catch ya’ll on the flip-side!


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