Hello, my name is A-dub and I am an addict…

…of World of Warcraft! My neighbor, Tyler, is a WOW prodigy and convinced me to try to play the game. Well, long story short, I really like it and now have to force myself to stop playing to eat and sleep…though I still have enough willpower to finish my classwork first! If I get a job soon, I will be saving money to buy a computer that my other enabler, Brent, will build for me!

 School is going well…nothing much to report there…my first mid-term will be next Tuesday…and yes, this is WELL past the midpoint of the semester!

Pray that I can get this teaching job I am up for at Longview College…I really need the money…and no, not just for my WOW addiction!

For those who want to know, I will be back East for Christmas, between Dec. 18 and New Year’s.

In other (random) news, I found out that I now have an adverse reaction to soda…so I am drinking water, juice, and tea exclusively!


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