The first week of October…

…was relatively uneventful:

Monday: came upon the idea for my first academic paper:  a discussion of Matthew 13 as one common line of thought (sorry Dr. Tom.!).

Tuesday: had an uneventful chapel service, but came upon my second paper idea (thanks Dr. And.!) using Exodus 34:6,7 as a guide to understand God’s use of the Law (and His patience) with Israel

Wednesday: had a wonderful chapel service with Liberated Wailing Wall … and let me say for the record, I heart Jews! (and I love my dormmate, Kenny, twice as much!) Also planned a night of playground golf…

Thursday: …which I and some of the dorm guys enacted, followed by euchre at McDonald’s…I HATE(!) the left bower rule! I also spent three hours researching giving and baptisms in Missouri churches…

Friday: …which I later realized was not what I wanted to look for, so I then spent three hours researching giuving and baptism by state convention to the SBC…exciting stuff, I know! Also, everyone departed for Fall Break…except for me and the faithful hangers-on at the dorm…stay strong, my brothers!

For the record, I have put aside my love of historical research for the time being, that is until I finish my bibliography for OT survey!


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