Why I don’t want to go to hell…

The air conditioning in the dorm broke Saturday night…since then, it has been a balmy/miserable 75 degrees all the time. I know I am being shallow, but I enjoy the privileges and blessings of living in the modern era and in America…living across the hall from two missionary kids (hey Dave and Ben!) doesn’t help my pout.

In other news, the most random thing happened Saturday night, as well. A man from my home church bakc in South Carolina came to visit his grandson, who attends Midwestern as well! We did that “I think I know you” double-take, then warmly greeted each other: really freaky…unless you’re me, a permanent resident of the “it’s a small Christian world”, where everyone I know from some church setting is inevitably connected to everyone else I know from some other church setting! Six degrees of separation, my big toe! More like two!!

Hopefully I’ll post before Saturday…unless I just go do something crazy in the meantime!


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