The week in review

Monday: spent two extra hours with my unofficially official mentor, Dr. T, “let your mantle fall on me, a double portion of your spirit!”, talking about Romans and leaven (it’s a seminary thing!)

Tuesday: was totally bored in OT survey I (corny video on the Exodus), but had the most awesome chapel (in fact, they have all been awesome, but) this guy puh-reached! I thought we were all going to become charismatic!

Wednesday: rocked my Greek grammar (I think everyone hates me in that class!) and pounded out the second listening to Monday’s class recording (note to other seminarians: record your lectures and re-listen…it has definitely helped me!)

Thursday: was totally in awe of how completely stupid some historians were in the early 70’s, I mean seriously, the 45-minute, self-narrated, film on where is Sinai sucked the life and meaning out of me for at least 1.5 hours! Then, to top it all off, read a disturbing anonymous letter and had a “denominational crisis of faith” (the crisis has been averted, but now I am on a righteous quest to right the worngs of carnal Christianity in our midst…pray that I do not become arrogant or sinful myself!)

Friday: professed my love for chicken, Sun Chips (R), and Coke/soda…I also like soft-batch chocolate chip cookies, but that is a different conversation! Again, was (not) surprised when drama went down here at MBTS (see Baptist Press for details)…I might have to drop out and battle the powers-that-be hand-to-hand at this rate (just kidding, Mom!)

 See ya’ll next week!


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