The drama that is 50 guys in one building…

Names have been changed to protect all involved and misdirect the snoopy!

For several weeks now, we have been trying to come up with nicknbames for some of the dorm inhabitants. “Ordo Aptay” refused to accept the name “peaches” and pretty much threw a hissy-fit worthy of that name! With four Andrew’s in the building, the following names (care of Who is Your Google Alter Ego?: are now official:

Andrew Burns is henceforth “Paul”

Andrew Goforth (a non-resident, but hangs out with some of us) is henceforth “Zan”

Andrew Huesing is henceforth “Bananaman”

and I am “Danger” , although I will probably go with “Higgy”, as is appropriate as a contraction for my twelve-letter last name (thanks UGA and Ben G. for popularizing it)

In other news, the upstairs kitchen has been gutted (but remarkably, they left the kitchen sink!) and many residents are in mourning. We will forever be burner-less, they tell us, though we are to make due with an additional microwave!

Tell you more next time!


One Response to “The drama that is 50 guys in one building…”

  1. blake Says:

    PLEASE stick with Danger. !

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