This goes out to Blake!

After what seems like eons of silence, I have returned to the blogosphere once again, my children! (For those of you new to my domain, please see Blake has asked and I have answered! (BTW,Blake, you too need to blog your experiences as one from the Dirty South moved up to the Big Apple!)

 Here’s  how it is going to go each week:

MONDAY: I’ll post an entry on the Pentateuch and Revelation. As I calculate it, It will take me 243 weeks (50 chapters in Genesis + 40 in Exodus + 27 in Leviticus + 36 in Numbers + 34 in Deuteronomy + 22 in Revelation + 7 days of creation + 12 tribes of Israel + 10 commandments + 7 churches -Revelation 2 & 3).

TUESDAY: I’ll post an entry on the Old Testament History (Joshua – Esther). = 249 weeks.

WEDNESDAY: I’ll post an entry on the Old Testament Poetry (Job – Song of Solomon) = 243 weeks (since Psalm 119 will be divided out into 22 entries due to its length and structure).

THURSDAY: I’ll post an entry on the Old Testament Prophecy (Isaiah – Malachi) = 250 weeks.

FRIDAY: I’ll post an entry on theNew Testament (without Revelation) = 238 weeks.

 So basically I have proposed a five-year blogging arc!

SATURDAY: I’ll blog about the happenings of the previous week here at MBTS (see below for more details). Offline, I’ll work up the next week’s entries a la Scot McKnight to be posted each following weekday.


My name is A.W. or A-dub and I am the Higg (or AndyHigg) that occasionally visits other blogs and, not unlike the Tooth Fairy, leaves behind a valuable nugget of my wisdom. I am, at present, a seminary student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS)…at this point, my classmates know exactly who I am, but hopefully, to the world at large, I am still quite anonymous! I am also unemployed, but looking for a job, and single, but looking for a lady — in short, I am quite pathetic and men should send me money and women should date me!

 Hopefully, this time school won’t get in the way of the more important task of pontificating on the internet! Welcome all and hope to see you often!


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